IoT Based Solutions

i-Cold Chain Monitoring & Tracking


LXIER Technologies is the first to introduce in India End-to-End Cold Chain monitoring solution, and made it possible  to get uninterrupted monitoring through non-cellular ecosystems on IoT platform to

  • Centralized real time Monitoring and control Cold Storage
  • Real-time monitoring and tracking Transportation
  • Real-time monitoring and control Food Storage and containers

i-City / i-Buildings Monitoring & Controls


LXIER Technologies will now make it possible to centrally monitoring and control through non-cellular ecosystems on IoT platform

  • Smart Street Lights solution
  • Smart Parking solution
  • Smart Environment Monitoring
  • Smart Waste Management
  • Smart Remote Metering
  • Smart Tracking
  • Smart Security
  • Energy Consumption Monitoring

i-Asset Tracking and Monitoring


LXIER is introducing IoT platform to track and monitor Assets centrally on non-cellular ecosystem uninterruptedly with real-time location.

Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring

  • Route deviations
  • Unauthorized stops
  • Restricted time movement

Goods / Pallet Tracking & Monitoring

  • Temperature / humidity excursions
  • Tampering with goods
  • Theft of goods
  • Damage to goods

Valuable Asset Tracking and Monitoring

  • Damage to asset
  • Unauthorized movement
  • Asset missing
  • Asset ageing

i-Agri Tracking and Monitoring


This is the time to step forward towards intelligent agriculture through i-Agri solutions from LXIER non-cellular ecosystem on IoT platform to achieve...

  • Central Agriculture Monitoring
  • Green House Monitoring
  • Micro Weather Monitoring
  • Live Stock Tracking
  • Equipment & Machine Monitoring
  • Energy Consumption Monitoring