Industrial IOTizing


Lighting Industries

IoTizing lighting solutions bring connectivity to devices that were previously not connected and provide data (where data was not available) through the connection.

  • Control Centrally
  • Monitoring the functionality with Geo Location
  • Power Consumption
  • Get the alerts on faults / status real-time on SMS / Email
  • In case of renewable energy, battery Charging and operational condition Status

And Many More...


Electrical / Electronic Appliances

IoTizing your products can tell you exactly what customer want to know, when customer wants to know it. There is hardly an industry these days where IoT connectivity is not simplifying and automating tedious functions, watching for and predicting failures and optimizing processes automatically and remotely. As business managers recognize these benefits, they are excited to bring these high tech solutions to their market, and of course monetize new recurring revenue and market opportunities where none existed before.

  • Monitor and Control centrally
  • Get Alerts on Faults / Status real-time
  • Power Consumption Analysis

And many more...


Food and Beverage Industry

IoTizing in the food supply chain greatly aids to trim down waste, costs, and risks by

  • Better Food Safety by real-time temperature tracking sensors allows organizations to closely supervise food safety data points 
  • The distribution chain can be effectually monitored all along the whole storage and shipping course at the sales points or stores
  • Identify and solve incompetence in the supply chain, exceeding and meeting food safety regulations, and offering transparency to customers.
  • Real-time Alerts and tracking centrally to perk up quality control, products tracking, workers’ activities, and advantage of real-time analysis for production
  • it possible to effortlessly monitor the state of all food products and send the real-time information to the assigned individual, which decreases food wastage
  • Remote equipment monitoring helps to foresee issues ahead of their occurrence to save money and time


Manufacturing Industry

IoTizing manufacturing provides additional capabilities to centrally monitoring, manage and control to

  • Work centers, machines, measuring devices, or other manufacturing equipment
  • Simplified setup and configuration with parameters that can be quickly uploaded to your work center
  • Ability to monitor, analyse and communicate any other parameter the device can provide including pressures, temperatures, dimensions, fill rate etc
  • Alert notifications include visual, text, email notification
    Web-based data access that allows performance monitoring from any desktop or mobile device


Real Estate and Facility Management Service Industriy

It is exciting time to IoTizing Real Estate & FM Segment to manage and monitor everything to provide enhance services to their customers for

  • Environment monitoring
  • Waste Management
  • Energy consumption and Remote metering
  • Parking Solution
  • RTLS (Real Time Location System) for Security and Service Team

And many more


Transportation Management and Services Industry

IoTizing transportation has rapidly changed the trucking industry with the help of mobile and connectivity advancements helps to improvements in operational efficiency, maintenance cost, fuel consumption, regulatory compliance, and speed up accident response

  • As real-time tracking of the vehicle is possible in transportation, the data that is tracked is sent to a central system and, then, to an Internet-enabled mobile device
  • Inventory management that acts as a catalyst telling the real-time information across the warehouse, distribution, and   production center, which reduces the cost of inventory and improves the predictive maintenance
  • Enables the asset tracking feature, which keeps track of the physical assets and their information, like location, status and   advanced analytics tracks all the devices like sensors, axels, and tells about the threshold and tolerance
  • Receive alerts when a driver deviates from the prescribed path, as it can bring delay in delivery time and cause accidental loss.

IOTizing Platforms


Let's begin the journey towards Industry 4.0 revolution by IoTizing your business

In Industry 4.0 revolution, key factor to survive is accurate data visualization and analytics in Infrastructure, Products, Processes and Services

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